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Nova Scotia's audited financial statements shows the province
passed a major milestone last year. The report for 1995-96 shows
that, for the first time in 16 years, Nova Scotia balanced the
books on operating expenses and revenues, with a surplus of

Finance Minister Bill Gillis said he was proud to be the minister
responsible on the day this announcement was made. He said last
year's achievement on the current account will now be matched by
a balanced budget on all government spending. The budget for
1996-97 calls for a small surplus on total government spending,
current and capital.

The financial results for last year show 13 government
departments came in under budget and three came in over budget.
The Department of Justice spent more because of a cabinet
decision to spend $32 million in compensation for victims of
abuse in the province's youth correctional centres. Community
Services spent more because of extra costs in developing a one
tiered welfare system. Department of Health's spending was higher
than originally expected due to $57 million in extra spending on
health care in 1995-96 and $22 million in adjustments to correct
the accounts of previous years.


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