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An improvement in the province's July employment figures is good
to hear, said Economic Renewal Minister Richie Mann.

Statistics Canada reported today that, in actual terms, 2,000
more Nova Scotians were working in July than we're employed in
June. The unemployment rate also dropped in every region of the
province last month. Halifax, with an unemployment rate of 8.4
per cent, has one of the lowest unemployment rates among Canada's
major centres.

"It's encouraging to see these figure. We know that companies are
coming to Nova Scotia and they're bringing jobs," Mr. Mann said.
"The Pictou shipyard is reopening and we're adding hundreds of
information technology jobs."

The minister made the comment despite seasonally adjusted figures
that show an unexplained increase in people leaving the
workforce. Mr. Mann said it's puzzling that the seasonally
adjusted number show 9,000 people just dropped out.

"Looking around, has any Nova Scotian seen that many people laid
off? It just doesn't add up," Mr. Mann said. "We know that the
overall trend is up."

In Nova Scotia, from May 1994 to June 1996, 23,000 jobs have been


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