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The provincial government will look at the possibility of
constructing a bridge between Englishtown and Jersey Cove,
Victoria County, through a public-private partnership, Premier
John Savage said today.

"I have instructed our government's special public-private
partnering committee to make this project its top priority."

Premier Savage said its possible that a partnership between the
government and the private sector "could significantly reduce the
cost and timing of a bridge project."

The provincial government is currently involved in a number of
public-private partnerships including the construction of several
state-of-the-art schools, one of which is in Sydney, as well as
the Highway 104 Western Alignment project.

"At a time when the government just doesn't have the money needed
to take on major new capital projects, it makes sense to look at
a partnership with the private sector as an option," he said.

Premier Savage said there is no guarantee that public-private
partnering will work on every project. Both sides have to benefit
for such a project to make sense.

"However, in the case of the long sought after bridge at
Englishtown, we owe it to local residents to examine every
possible option for an early start and completion. A bridge would
provide local residents with a reliable, year-round
transportation link," he said.

The premier said he wants an answer from the government
partnership group by the end of this year.


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