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Four young people in Queens County are doing their part to help
the environment by building and giving away wooden composters.
Members of the North Queens Evergreens Environmental Society have
created summer jobs for themselves by doing something they love
--- composting.

Back to Earth II is the second phase of a project that began two
years ago in partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of the
Environment's Youth Environmental Challenge Program. This year
the students are not just telling people about composting, they
are actually helping them do it.

At the beginning of June, Heather Jorissen-Small, Jonathan
Sheppard, Jennifer Eaton, and Neil Conway established a base camp
in Caledonia. Since then, these enthusiastic environmentalists
have been busy sawing, hammering, and putting the finishing
touches on 50 wooden composters.

"The crates are the ideal system for backyard composting in our
community. They are large enough to benefit families who do a lot
of gardening and easy enough for inexperienced composters to
use," said Jonathan about the style of the boxes.

The students spent most of July delivering boxes to local
families interested in learning about composting. During August
the team is re-visiting the composters and their host families to
check that things are running smoothly.

The group is also planning a litter clean-up of the marshland
around Mary Lake, near their headquarters. According to Heather,
"the area surrounding Mary Lake is a prominent site in Caledonia
and is essential as a wildlife habitat. Over the years it has
fallen victim to careless littering and we are trying to do
something about that."

The group has had an overwhelming response from families wanting
composters. All of the 50 boxes have been given away but anyone
who would like instructions for building their own box or
information on composting can drop by the centre or phone

The project is partly funded by the Nova Scotia Youth
Conservation Corps through the Youth Environmental Challenge
program, Action 21, Municipality of Queens County, Environment
Canada, Shell Environmental Fund, Bowater Mersey, Nova Scotia
Power Inc., and the North Queens High School Canteen.


Contact: Amanda Lavers  902-424-8207

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