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Archaeologists are taking a closer look at a construction site in
Falmouth, Hants County. Bones, later identified as human, were
accidently uncovered while workers were excavating in the
building area.

An archaeological assessment is being made of the site to
determine the extent of the human burials. Provincial
archaeologist, David Christianson, says that the site shows
evidence of interment because traces of wood and nails have been
found. The nails can help in dating the site but because of their
advanced state of corrosion will have to be examined with a
microscope. Nails of a certain date were hand-made and later in
the 18th century were factory-made.

The site is not officially recorded as a burial site but local
oral history indicates that the site could be Acadian.

The archeological assessment is expected to take up to 10 days to

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