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Under Nova Scotia's first amnesty for delinquent tax payments,
the province has added more than $100,000 to its bank account.

During the three-month amnesty, 26 individuals and businesses
took advantage of the Provincial Tax Commission's promise of
forgiveness upon payment of overdue taxes. A total of $106,500
was collected under the voluntary disclosure program -- a program
which eliminated the usual penalty charges ranging from 40 to 105
per cent of the amount owed.

"We are pleased that so many people took advantage of this
amnesty," said Business and Consumer Services Minister Sandy
Jolly. "It's hard to predict the take-up rate of such an offer,
but any amount collected is extra money in the bank for the

Although business was the prime target for the amnesty,
individuals who purchased big ticket items elsewhere and failed
to pay the Nova Scotia tax also had the chance to come clean.
Nine individuals accounted for $23,107 while the remaining
$83,393 came from the 17 participating businesses.

"Even without the protection of the amnesty, we encourage tax
offenders to come forward and clean the slate," said Ms. Jolly.
"Paying taxes is the responsibility of all Nova Scotians. No


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