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Community Economic Development (CED) organizations, government
department staff and community boards will discover the tools
needed to take control of the future of their communities through
participation in a new Community Economic Development (CED)
certificate program developed at the Nova Scotia Community
College Truro Campus.

"Drawing on the expertise of CED practitioners from across Nova
Scotia, this program will offer training designed for Nova
Scotian development," said Myrna Breen, community education and
training officer and program developer. "Together, participants
will explore the skills needed to make the most of their

Developed following a year-long comprehensive study and analysis
of the strengths and needs of Nova Scotian communities, the
program emphasizes the importance of working together, coalition
building and adapting government services to local needs.

A number of successful CED training programs have been reviewed
and their strengths incorporated into a program tailor made for
Nova Scotia communities. Combining theory with real-life
experience, the program will place emphasis on a practical
approach. "We've adapted portions of the internationally
recognized program at the University of Missouri where over 800
community development workers have been trained," said Ms. Breen.
"Participants will also benefit from opportunities to share their
own ideas, successes and innovations."

Service providers and volunteers from local organizations will
have the unique opportunity to come together for a series of
weekend seminars over eight months, beginning in October.
Participants will explore ways to identify CED opportunities,
board development, CED from a local and global perspective,
community assessment, and leadership development.

Participants will also benefit from access to one of the largest
collections of community economic development resources in North
America. This up-to-date information has been recently acquired
as part of the new Community Economic Development Centre at the
Truro Campus of the Nova Scotia Community College.

Flexibility has been built into the CED certificate program to
accommodate participants' busy schedules. Seven modules will be
conducted at various locations around the province including the
Truro Campus, the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre in Cornwallis, and
the Nautical Institute in Port Hawkesbury. Module one will bring
together all participants from across the province to one central
location. Participants will then have their choice of times and
locations to complete the remaining modules.

For more information on the CED Certificate Program or to
register contact Juan Tellez, Coordinator Community Economic
Development Centre, 902-893-5371.


Contact: Myrna Breen  902-893-5343

trp                      August 15, 1996 - 1:10 p.m.