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A team of youth from the International Youth Leadership Society
will present its environmental project for Cape Breton
Municipality day camps on Aug. 17.

The Sydney-based group has been working on the project, called
"Nature Walk in a Box", since the end of May.

Jason Dennis, Joe Dunlavy, Andrew Hardy, and Mateo Yorke will be
on hand at the camp with gold pans and casted animal tracks.
Children will learn to identify samples, quiz each other on
footprints, and experiment with gold panning. The nature box,
once fully tried and tested, will be used during the school year
by students and youth organizations.

Andrew, for one, expects the activities to be a hit, "Looking at
bones, animal tracks, and minerals is great fun, for people of
all ages, including us."

The group has been collecting ideas, specimens, and experiences
from all over Cape Breton. The nature box was used at last
Saturday's children's fair and as part of a conflict resolution
seminar for participants of the International Youth Leadership
Society in mid-July.

As project worker Joe Dunlavy explained, "We organized simulation
games about environmental issues and ran them during the two week
seminar. They worked really well, I think the participants
learned what it's like to try and solve complicated environmental
problems. For us, it was a chance to see what would and wouldn't
work in our Nature Walk in a Box."

The four students are all graduates of the Sydney Academy
International Baccalaureate Program and are still working closely
with their old school, as well as the Department of the
Environment's Youth Environmental Challenge Program.

The project is partly funded by the Nova Scotia Youth
Conservation Corps through the Youth Environmental Challenge
program, the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board, the Cape
Breton Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation
Commission, Stora Forest Industries, and Friends of the


Contact: Amanda Lavers  902-424-8207

         Mateo Yorke    902-562-5464 or 902-562-4728

trp                     August 16, 1996 - 1:00 p.m.