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The Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation is reporting a seven per cent
increase in profits for the first quarter ending June 30, 1996.

Overall net profits from video and other lotteries as well as
casinos, are $27.1 million compared to $25.3 million for the same
quarter in 1995.

Casino operations in Halifax and Sydney cannot be directly
compared with the numbers from last year since the Halifax casino
only opened in June, 1995, and the Sydney casino in August, 1995.

However, Ralph Fiske, chair of the Nova Scotia Gaming
Corporation, said the trend in casino revenue growth is positive.
Mr. Fiske said it is possible to look at June, 1996, in Halifax
compared to June, 1995 with the gross casino revenue at the
Halifax casino up by 33 per cent.

Planning for a permanent casino in Halifax is continuing with a
completion date of September, 1998.


Contact: Ralph Fiske  902-424-2203

trp                   August 16, 1996 - 1:00 p.m.