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Justice Minister Jay Abbass took to a different sort of court
this week. Mr. Abbass, who also acts as the Minister of Sport and
Recreation was on the tennis courts to promote physical activity
through sport and recreation.

"It's very simple," he said. "Participating in sport, whether
competitively or recreationally, is very good for you.  It's good
for the heart, it's good for the mind."

"As Minister of Sport and Recreation, it's my duty to make sure
that the message gets out," Abbass said, speaking from the Cunard
Nova Scotia Tennis Open in Halifax. "I thought I would lead by

Mr. Abbass pointed out that while children only receive 2 hours
of physical education per week, they watch an average of 26 hours
of television. Currently, 60 per cent of Canadian youth do not
meet average fitness standards.  

"We should be more physically active," said Mr. Abbass. "The
Sport and Recreation Commission recommends that we get a minimum
of 30 minutes of physical activity per day. I'll bet that would
be a big help to Nova Scotia's health budget."

As the Minister of Justice, Mr. Abbass is also interested in
research concerning delinquent youth. "Keeping youth involved in
the community through sport and recreation has been shown to
reduce the levels of youth crime," Abbass said. "Sport and
recreation helps build self-esteem while keeping you healthy. 
The fact is, fitness saves money." 


jlw                         Aug. 16, 1996     4:15 p.m.