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Graves Island Provincial Park is celebrating its 25th year as a

An anniversary celebration will be held at the park Saturday,
Aug. 24. Events will include a nature and wildlife identification
walk, children's activities, and the unveiling of a permanent

"This 25th anniversary celebration is an opportunity to
recognize the enjoyment and pleasure this provincial park has
provided to thousands of users over the years," said Natural
Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie. 

Nova Scotia has approximately 120 parks in the provincial system,
with Graves Island being one of the more popular parks along the
province's south shore. 

Graves Island's secluded nature and attractive coastal setting
were major factors in the province's decision to establish a
provincial campground and day-use park. Overlooking scenic Mahone
Bay, the island has a lot of history. Ownership of the land and
residents of the island have been primarily associated with two
families over the years: the Graves and the Zincks.

Jacob Graff, whose surname evolved to Graves, arrived in
Lunenburg County from Germany in 1753. Another German settler,
Casper Zinck, arrived in Lunenburg County around the same time.
The earliest recorded association of the Graves family with the
Island was in 1828 when land was sold. The Zinck family first
acquired land on Graves Island in the mid-1860s. A children's
summer camp and a dairy were located there in the 1920s and

It wasn't until residents moved away in the 1960s that the
province acquired Graves Island. It was officially opened as a
provincial park in 1971. Located just east of Chester, the park
has 69 campsites, a picnic area, trails, a beach, boat launch,
playground, flush toilets, and showers.

Even today, remnants remain from the families that once called
Graves Island home, including stone foundations, old lanes,
hand-dug wells, apple trees, tiger lilies, and rose bushes.

Photographs and interesting facts pertaining to the island's
history have been gathered from people born on Graves Island,
others who had relatives and friends living there, and people who
worked on the Island.

A permanent display will be located at the park to preserve
images of Graves Island and its people. 


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