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The Nova Scotia Boxing Authority (NSBA) is now regulating all
combative sports in the province, including kickboxing,
shootfighting, karate and tae kwon do.

Competitions in these sports must now be sanctioned by the NSBA
in order to operate in Nova Scotia.

As the umbrella organization for all combative sport
organizations in the province, the NSBA is responsible for
ensuring that each organization has its own regulations that
comply with NSBA standards.  Standards would include having
liability insurance, enforcing age restrictions and ensuring
safety standards are met.

"Our main concern is that competitions in these sports are
carried out with the safety of the participants foremost in
mind," said Hubert Earle, chair of the boxing authority.

The authority has established a committee to oversee the
regulation of all combative sports.  Chairing the committee is
Ron Fagan, a fifth-degree black belt in karate and commissioner
of the NSBA.

Kickboxing and karate are already in the process of being
sanctioned by the NSBA.  Although both amateur and professional
boxing are already sanctioned, a separate committee is reviewing
boxing regulations to ensure they comply with provincial
guidelines. Shootfighting is similar to extreme fighting, but
with rules.  Extreme fighting has no rules and as such is not
permitted in Nova Scotia.

Contact:  Hubert Earle 902-869-3696
mfm        Aug. 21, 1996        10:05 a.m.