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A $4.8 million expansion for Efamol Research Inc. started from
the ground up today as guests were invited to build a
commemorative brick wall at the Kentville facility.  

One of the world's leading authorities on essential fatty acid
research, Efamol Research Inc., is expanding its pharmaceutical
facility in Kentville and creating 30 new jobs. At a news
conference marking Efamol's 15th anniversary, guests were asked
to sign their names on bricks that will form a wall in the
laboratory complex.

The project was announced by Economic Renewal Minister Richie
Mann, and John Murphy, MP, representing Secretary of State
Lawrence MacAulay, minister responsible for the Atlantic Canada
Opportunities Agency. In addition to the 30 new jobs, the
expansion will create construction jobs for local contractors.

"In Efamol's case, when science and business mix, the outcome for
Nova Scotia is more than 100 highly-skilled jobs and worldwide
recognition for our expertise in medical research," said Mr.
Mann. "Through its research and products, Efamol has touched
people's lives around the world. The Province of Nova Scotia is a
proud investor in this world-class operation." 

"Since coming to Kentville in 1981, Efamol and Scotia have grown
to become the world leaders in the field of lipids for nutrition
and for pharmaceuticals," said Dr. David Horrobin, group chief
executive of Scotia Holdings, Efamol's parent company in the
United Kingdom. "There could be no more fitting occasion than our
15th anniversary in this province to announce the expansion of
our facility here. It's a tangible reflection of our solid record
of success and growth."

The Nova Scotia Economic Renewal Agency is providing a $2.8
million loan for the expansion project while ACOA's business
development program is providing an additional $1 million loan. 
Efamol will directly contribute $1 million. The existing 3,500
square metre facility will be further increased by 2,200 square

Efamol pioneered the nutritional uses of evening primrose oil and
remains the world's premier brand of the product, now sold in
over 40 countries. The Efamol Research Institute in Kentville has
steadily grown since 1981, from two employees to 76 researchers,
technicians and support personnel.  It is the main research
centre for the Scotia Group's drug discovery program. Efamol
plays a central role in the Scotia Group's research and has an
international reputation, particularly for its work on cancer,
psychiatric disorders and on essential fatty acid metabolism. 
Efamol's research in these areas has led to its most recent


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