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The Department of Business and Consumer Services has one piece of
advice for students moving out on their own for the first time
-- make sure you know what you're getting into before you sign

" Young students are so excited about starting a new phase in
their lives and moving away from home that they often rush into
apartment leases before studying all the angles," said Business
and Consumer Services Minister Sandy Jolly. " We'd like to
encourage students to find accommodations that meet their needs
and are within their budgets."

The Department has compiled the following list of questions that
students looking for their first apartment should ask themselves:

--Can I afford the rent?

--How much will it cost to heat the unit? Can I afford both?

--How much will it cost for electricity? Can I afford all three?

--Do I know and understand the terms and length of the lease
(usually 12 months)?

--Can I pay the rent and security deposit (maximum 1/2 month
rent) if I'm accepted as a tenant?

--Am I prepared to accept responsibility for 100 per cent of the
lease obligations should my roommates leave early?

--Where do I pay the rent? To whom?

--Will I be able to study here?

--Am I ready to accept the responsibility of living close to
other people who may or may not share my lifestyle? Can I respect
their right to quiet enjoyment of their apartments? Can I expect
them to respect mine?

--Will I fit in with the other tenants?

--Where will I put the garbage? Are there recycling facilities?

--Are there telephone and cable jacks in the unit? How much will
these services cost?

--Where will I do laundry? How much will it cost?

--Do I like the unit? How soundproof is the unit?

--Is there public transit nearby? Is there parking?

A student coming up with satisfactory answers to these questions
can be reasonably sure that the apartment will be a secure haven
and a comfortable home-away-from-home.

More information may be obtained by contacting the Department of
Business and Consumer Services at 902-424-4188.


Contact:  Louise MacDonald 902-424-0394

mfm            Aug.22, 1996       2:40 p.m.