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The following message was issued today by Labour Minister Manning

If you looked up the word "labour" in the dictionary, you'd come
across meanings such as "to work" or "to make an effort."  But
here in Nova Scotia, we don't have to consult a dictionary to
find the true meaning of  labour. All we have to do is look
around us to see hard working Nova Scotians contributing to our
province day in and day out.

Whether I'm home on Cape Breton Island or travelling across the
province, I've seen many examples of this. In fact, around the
world, Nova Scotia's workforce  has a reputation for being highly
skilled, hard working, productive and motivated. In this
province, our people are our greatest resource.

The history of Labour Day begins with organized labour. The first
unofficial labour days in Canada were actually protests against
laws which proclaimed unions illegal. In 1872, that law was quite
rightly abolished. And in 1894, government passed a new law
declaring Labour Day as a national day of recognition for workers
across the country.   

The contributions of organized labour continue today --over 100
years later. Government is committed to working with labour,
workers and employers to make our province a better place to live
and work.

Through the Department of Labour, government provides a network
of support to workers and employers. We are here to ensure that
labour laws are fair, balanced and up-to-date. We are working to
ensure that people get a fair deal in the workplace.

These days there are many challenges facing workers. But there
are also new opportunities. Our greatest drawing card in
attracting new investment, new employers and new jobs is the
strength of our workforce. We have a lot of potential, and
companies across the world are starting to recognize it. 

On this Labour Day, I commend Nova Scotia's workers, past and
present, for making a difference in our province. Your
contributions to our economy and our communities are invaluable. 
I look forward to working for you and with you in the coming
year. Have a safe and happy Labour Day.


Contact: Jennifer MacIsaac  902-424-4680 or 902-424-3219

mfm             Aug.27,1996       3:10 p.m.