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Premier John Savage said today he agrees with a top Canadian
energy analyst who has suggested that decisions regarding gas and
oil should be done on the basis of good business.

Winfried Fruehauf, of the investment firm Levesque Beaubien
Geoffrion, said this week that if the Nova Scotia Sable offshore
project is determined by business factors, then it will go ahead.

"I agree with Mr. Fruehauf that we have to start doing things on
a business basis, not for political expediency," the premier
Premier Savage said that was the argument he made last week at
the premiers' conference in Jasper, when presenting the Nova
Scotia case for maximum royalties and jobs from the Sable
offshore gas project.
"Following last week's success at the premiers' conference, I
feel more confident than ever that Nova Scotians will reap major
benefits from the offshore."
The premier described the outcome of the conference as a "big
win" for Nova Scotia.
"Quebec Premier Lucien Bouchard retracted his position by
agreeing with Nova Scotia that the market and regulatory
agencies, and not political interference, should determine how
Sable gas gets to markets in the United States.
"The Nova Scotia government made its position on natural gas
distribution very clear to the Quebec government and to other
provinces prior to the Jasper meetings. As a result they all
agreed with our position that economics, and not politics, should
be the name of the game."
The Quebec government is backing a pipeline proposal which would
see Sable offshore gas transported through the Maritimes and into
Quebec before being distributed to major markets in the United
States. The current proposal being offered by the gas producers
would see gas shipped through Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and
directly into New England.
"There are serious questions about the Quebec proposal not the
least of which is the Quebec government's separatist agenda,"
said Premier Savage.
He pledged to continue to fight for the best deal for Nova
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