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The Bluenose II attracts attention wherever she goes, but next
week, Economic Renewal Minister Richie Mann hopes the Bluenose
will also attract investment.  

The Bluenose II will operate as a floating boardroom in Boston
Harbour for three days, when existing and potential clients will
hear why Nova Scotia is such a good place to do business.

Several private sector business people, along with Mr. Mann and
Natural Resources Minister Eleanor Norrie, will target New
England companies looking to locate, trade or invest in Nova

"The Bluenose gives us a golden opportunity to do business in a
way that distinguishes us from other provinces or states looking
for investment from New England," said Mr. Mann. "New England has
always  been our biggest trading partner and we see our Boston
presence as another opportunity to create strategic partnerships
for everyone's benefit."

Companies from the biomedical, information technology, energy,
forestry and fishing sectors will be on board Bluenose II to meet
with private and public sector Nova Scotians about potential

"Long standing trade, social and transportation links make the
Nova Scotia-New England connection a logical business goal," said
Mr. Mann. "We're working with the Greater Halifax Economic
Development Partnership to interest several US firms  in our
growing pharmaceutical and IT sectors, and we're optimistic about
making some headway with key people." 


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