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Concern regarding the proliferation of uncontrolled advertising
signs along Nova Scotia's highways has led the Nova Scotia
Economic Renewal Agency and the Department of Transportation and
Public Works to study potential options for a new highway
advertising signage policy for Nova Scotia.

The study will review successful signage policies throughout
Canada and the United States and lead to recommendations on
possible signage options for Nova Scotia.

Over the years, there has been a substantial increase in both the
number of signs, and the number of unsightly and non-maintained
signs. This has raised many issues concerning safety, consistency
and the effectiveness of the current policy.

The proliferation of advertising signs has had an impact on the
aesthetics of our provincial highways and scenic routes. While
nature tourism or ecotourism generates economic growth in Nova
Scotia's tourism sector, sign clutter damages Nova Scotia's image
as an attractive and scenic tourism destination. Residents,
visitors and tourism operators have long expressed concern over
these issues.    

"The province intends to develop and implement a new highway
advertising signage policy for Nova Scotia based on the
recommendations of the report and the subsequent consultation
process," said Economic Renewal Minister Richie Mann. "It is
clear that the Province, industry and public support improvements
to the manner in which advertising signs appear on the sides of
our public roads." 

Transportation and Public Works Minister Don Downe said his
department "is working closely with the Economic Renewal Agency
to promote a safer travelling environment for motorists, while at
the same time supporting the economy through an efficient and
consistent advertising sign program." 

The study, contracted with the Economic Planning Group of Canada
(EPG), will be completed in September. The Province will then
develop and implement a consultation process that will encourage
input on options identified by the study.


Contact: Steve Warburton 902-424-8922

mfm          Aug.30, 1996         11:45 a.m.