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Publication Offers Hope for Abused Women

Women can escape a violent and abusive husband or boyfriend -- and here's how. That's the message of Making Changes, a newly revised publication of the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women.

Launched today, in advance of Family Violence Prevention Week, Feb. 8-14, Making Changes is a booklet for women in abusive relationships.

"This booklet provides practical, plain-language information and advice for women in abusive relationships on how to get themselves out of an abusive situation," explained Patricia Doyle-Bedwell, chair of the advisory council. "So often, women are too frightened or confused to know what to do or where to begin to get themselves and their children to safety. This booklet is a step-by-step guide to safety."

Ms. Doyle-Bedwell presented a copy of Making Changes to Francene Cosman, Minister responsible for the Status of Women, at a news conference in Halifax this morning.

"This publication is a very valuable resource to women who need to make these life-altering changes for themselves and for their children," said the minister. "Enduring violence and abuse is horrendous; this booklet may be the impetus for many women to successfully make positive changes in their lives."

Citing the success of the publication's first edition, Ms. Cosman commended the advisory council for its leadership in developing and producing Making Changes.

Making Changes is being distributed provincewide to transition houses, women's centres, family courts, police, help lines, women's groups, community groups and libraries.


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