N.S. Sympathies to U.S., Swiss Presidents

Premier's Office

September 3, 1998 2:10 PM

Following is the text of a letter sent this morning by Premier
Russell MacLellan to U.S. President Bill Clinton, Swiss President
Flavio Cotti, and the American ambassador to Canada, Gordon

On behalf of the people and Government of Nova Scotia, I would
like to extend our deepest sympathies to the families and friends
of the passengers and crew of Swissair Flight 111.

The hearts of Nova Scotians go out today to those citizens of
your nation who lost loved ones last night. Please be assured
that Nova Scotians will open our arms and our doors to those who
must now travel to our province as a result of this tragedy.

Nova Scotians have been ready to assist since the moment we
learned of this disaster. Last night, extraordinary search and
rescue efforts were launched immediately following the crash.
Indeed, as Premier of Nova Scotia, I am proud of the swift action
of our emergency workers and volunteers.

We share the grief of so many in your nation, and stand ready to
do whatever we can to comfort and assist those who suffered a
personal loss.

In this time of sadness, please know that the thoughts and
prayers of our entire province go out to the families of the
passengers and crew who were lost in this tragedy.

Sincerely yours,
Russell MacLellan


ngr                 Sept. 3, 1998                 2:10 p.m.