Support Extended to Swissair Families

Communications Nova Scotia

September 3, 1998 4:30 PM

The families and friends of those who died on Swissair Flight 111
will be accorded every consideration possible as they arrive in
Nova Scotia today and in the days ahead, said Premier Russell

"Nova Scotians know we cannot lessen their sorrow, but we want to
do whatever we can to comfort and assist those who suffered a
personal loss," said the premier.

To date, efforts include:

- securing translators for families; among the victims were
nationals of France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Saudi
Arabia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iran, Spain and Russia, in
addition to Americans, Britons and a Canadian.

- setting up of a special customs area at Halifax International
Airport for those families arriving by air.

- arranging for a Nova Scotia representative to accompany and
assist each family while in the province.

- booking hotel rooms for the families, airline officials and
crash investigators; up to 1,000 rooms are estimated to be needed
for a week. Halifax Tourism is co-ordinating this effort with
Swissair and Delta airlines.

As hundreds of Nova Scotians continue the grim task of recovering
bodies off Peggy's Cove, others are looking for ways to help and
to show their shared grief, said Premier MacLellan.

"All Nova Scotians, I know, stand ready to offer support," he
said. "The government of Nova Scotia is likewise ready to step
forward wherever it is needed to aid the victims' families and
friends during these difficult times."


Contact: Maggie Marwah
         Communications Nova Scotia

ngr                     Sept. 3, 1998                 4:30 p.m.