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Nova Scotians Offer Accommodation, Support

Nova Scotians have responded to the tragedy of Swissair Flight 111 with an outpouring of sympathy and generosity toward those who lost families and friends.

Throughout the day Thursday, government and aid organizations have taken hundreds of calls from citizens offering help, including accommodations, meals and any other support needed.

Said Premier Russell MacLellan: "We have had a long history of tragedies at sea or near our coast -- the Halifax Explosion, the sinking of the Titanic, for example. Nova Scotians have always responded with a generosity of spirit that is unmatched -- and this time is no different."

To help direct the numerous volunteer offers of help, the Access Nova Scotia public enquiries office will take calls beginning Friday at 8 a.m. from Nova Scotians wishing to assist the families and friends of the victims as they arrive in the province over the next few days. Needs may include transportation and translation help.

The Public Enquiries number is 1-800-670-4357 toll-free, or 424-5200 when calling from the Halifax area. Operators will record names, phone numbers and the type of help being offered. The caller will be contacted as the need arises.

Anyone interested in offering accommodation is asked to call Check In, the province's reservation service, at 1-800-565-0000 or 425-5781 in the Halifax area to leave their name and phone number. If extra rooms are needed, volunteers will be contacted.



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