News release

Accommodation for Swissair Families Secured

All required accommodations have been secured to meet the needs of families and others arriving in Nova Scotia because of the Swissair crash.

In addition, Check In Nova Scotia reservation service said it is still able to book hotel rooms for other visitors to the Halifax area.

At this time, the hotel industry can meet the needs of victims' families, airline officials and crash investigators.

"Nova Scotians outpouring of generosity and support for the families of the crash victims has been extraordinary --but not surprising," said Premier Russell MacLellan. "I understand the need of fellow Nova Scotians in wanting to do something, anything, to help ease the pain and grief of those who have lost family and friends.

"Even though many of the offers aren't immediately required, that doesn't lessen the extraordinary spirit of generosity shown by Nova Scotians."

By mid-afternoon Friday, Check In Nova Scotia had recorded more than 1,000 offers of accommodation in homes of private citizens. Tourism Nova Scotia said it now has an adequate supply for a bed bank should it be required.

Meanwhile, other volunteer support offers have flooded into Nova Scotia's Public Enquiries service. Operators had taken more than 600 calls by mid-afternoon from citizens offering a range of services, from grief counselling to translation. Callers' names and numbers have been recorded, and they will be contacted as needs arise.



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