Nova Scotia International Air Show Cancelled

Communications Nova Scotia

September 7, 1998 12:30 PM

The 1998 Nova Scotia International Air Show has been cancelled
out of respect for those who died in the tragic crash of Swissair
Flight 111 and for their families and friends.

"We know our sponsors, exhibitors and the thousands of
enthusiasts who annually attend this event will concur with our
decision," said Fred MacGillivray, chairman of the volunteer-led
organization managing the show.

Mr. MacGillivray said the volunteer community group expects the
show will return next year.

The Nova Scotia International Air Show, which was to run Sept.
12-13 this year, is planned, managed and operated by a
not-for-profit organization.


Contact: Fred MacGillivray
         Nova Scotia International Air Show

         Rodger Sorsdahl
         Executive Director
         Nova Scotia International Air Show

sab                      Sept. 7, 1998              12:15 p.m.