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Swissair Memorial Planning Committee

Lorne Clarke, former Nova Scotia chief justice, will head a committee to oversee creation of a memorial to the victims of Swissair Flight 111, Premier Russell MacLellan announced today. The committee will be involved in site selection and will oversee planning and design of the memorial.

"There needs to be a special place to honour the memories of the 229 men, women and children who died, and to offer solace to those they left behind," said Premier MacLellan. "We also want a place of comfort for the many residents of the area who searched in vain for survivors, and other Nova Scotians who helped in the days following the tragedy.

"We are fortunate that an individual of Mr. Clarke's stature has agreed to take this on."

The former chief justice was appointed to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court in 1981. He has served on the Canadian Judicial Council, National Judicial Institute, and other professional and community organizations. He is currently serving as commissioner of the Inquiry on Remuneration of Elected Public Officials.

"He is known for his integrity, compassion and professionalism during his many years of service in the judiciary -- qualities that, I know, will be greatly appreciated by those who will be touched by the work of the committee," said the premier.

"It is an honour to be a part of the planning of the memorial for the victims of Swissair Flight 111," said Mr. Clarke. "It is our intention to involve family members, the community, business and government in creating a memorial that honours the memory of those who lost their lives so suddenly and so tragically on Sept. 2, 1998."

Committee members will be chosen in the next several weeks. An office and administrative staff will support their work. A number of generous offers of assistance have already been received and all will be forwarded to the committee for consideration. In the interim, questions or offers of assistance may be directed to the Department of Justice at 902-424-7125.

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A former Nova Scotia chief justice will head a committee to oversee the creation of a Swissair memorial.

Lorne Clarke will draw fellow committee members from the community, business and government over the next few weeks.

Families of the Swissair victims will also be represented.

They'll be involved in selecting a site and will oversee the planning and design of the memorial.



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NOTE TO EDITORS: Lorne Clarke will be available for interviews from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. today, Nov. 10, at the Department of Justice, fourth floor, 5151 Terminal Road. Please contact Michele McKinnon at the above number to arrange an interview.

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