Progress Report on Westray Inquiry Recommendations

Department of Labour (to Sept. 00)

December 4, 1998 8:56 AM

The Nova Scotia government has followed through on its commitment
last December to act on all 74 recommendations in the Westray
Public Inquiry Commission report.

An updated report on the government's response shows that there
has been some progress on every one of the recommendations.

As recommended by the commission, amendments to the Mineral
Resources Act have been drafted. They are currently being
reviewed by government.

New underground mining regulations are also being developed, and
it is hoped the amended act and regulations will be brought
forward in the spring.

Implementation of the recommendations is ongoing.

NOTE: The following is intended for use by broadcast media.

     A progress report released today indicates the

Nova Scotia government has made good on its promise

to act on all 74 recommendations of the Westray inquiry.

     The report says there has been progress on each

recommendation and that implementation of the recommendations

is ongoing.

     Amendments to the Mineral Resources Act and new

underground mining regulations, both recommended by the

Westray commission, are expected to be ready in the spring.


Contact: Al Hollingsworth
         Department of Labour

         Kevin McNamara
         Deputy Minister
         Department of Labour

ngr                 Dec. 4, 1998                 8:56 a.m.