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Waterfront Program Success Continues

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/TOURISM-Waterfront Program Success Continues

Five Cape Breton communities will continue their successful waterfront development programs, thanks to the new federal-provincial Waterfront Development Program announced today in Sydney.

Funded by the Canada/Nova Scotia COOPERATION Agreement on Economic Diversification, the program helps towns and villages turn their natural strengths into local economic growth mechanisms.

The first 21 communities approved under the $1.98-million agreement will spend the next year revitalizing their waterfront areas, turning them into attractions for visitors, residents and businesses. The agreement builds on the successes of federal and provincial waterfront programs over the past 10 years in Nova Scotia, from Yarmouth to Sydney.

"You only have to look at communities like Port Hawkesbury, Louisbourg, Sydney or Yarmouth to see what a revitalized waterfront has done," said Manning MacDonald, Minister of Economic Development and Tourism. "It's brought tourism, a sense of community, and, in many cases, new business back to their downtown areas.

"We're especially proud of the waterfront development that has already taken place across the province, and the profound effect it's had on Nova Scotia's communities. This program will build on that."

"The federal government's participation in co-operative programs like this one helps demonstrate the federal government's commitment to working with Nova Scotia communities as they make the most of their natural advantages and create opportunities for Nova Scotians in the process," said Senator Al Graham, on behalf of Fred Mifflin, Secretary of State, Enterprise Cape Breton Corp. and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

The Louisbourg Waterfront Development Project will receive $169,095 to remove several unsightly properties on the waterfront while beautifying the area to the west and north, including the area around the Louisbourg Playhouse. A walkway will be constructed along the former railbed from Main Street to Minto Street complete with lighting, gardens and trees. Landscaping and paving will also be carried out.

Phase 3 of the North Sydney Waterfront Project will receive $133,405 for construction of a playground area and further paving of the parking lot and construction of dock facilities.

Development Isle Madame will receive $125,000 for development of LeNoir Forge Museum and improvements to the surrounding waterfront on the north side of Arichat Harbour.

Phase 8 of the Sydney Waterfront Development Project will receive $122,500 to carry out more landscaping, seeding and lighting as well as construction of a children's play area at the south end of the boardwalk near the fire station property. To the north, more landscaping, lighting, walkways, retaining walls and seeding will continue where Phase 7 ended.

The Strait Area Waterfront Development Corp. in Port Hawkesbury will receive $58,152 for paving, public washrooms, safety fences, waste containers, park benches and picnic tables. As well, this money will complete the boardwalk and provide lighting and signs.

The Canada/Nova Scotia COOPERATION Agreement on Economic Diversification is managed by Enterprise Cape Breton Corp., Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Nova Scotia Economic Development and Tourism.


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