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Committee Chooses Words for Memorials

The words to be engraved on the Flight 111 memorial stones will be consistent with the character of the memorials, Lorne Clarke, chair of the Memorial Advisory Committee, announced today.

"From the beginning, people wanted to have memorials that are modest and tasteful," said Mr. Clarke. "The memorial wording keeps with this concept while remaining honest with historical fact."

The wording at both memorial sites will be:

In memory of the 229 men, women and children aboard Swissair Flight 111 who perished off these shores September 2, 1998

They have been joined to the sea and the sky May they rest in peace

In grateful recognition of all those who worked tirelessly to provide assistance in the recovery operations and comfort to the families and their friends during a time of distress

The lines will be engraved in both French and English.

The names of 226 people will be recorded on the Bayswater memorial stones. Requests have been made to not include three names.

"We want to honour the memories of the men, women and children who died, while recognizing those who helped in any way after the crash," said Mr. Clarke. "The words accomplish this and also reflect the nature of the tragedy and the relationship that those who died will forever have with our beautiful province."



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AU CHEF DES NOUVELLES--La gravure elle-même:

À la mémoire des 229 hommes, femmes et enfants qui ont perdu la vie au large de ces côtes vol Swissair 111 Le 2 septembre 1998

Ils appartiennent maintenant au ciel et à la mer

Qu’ils reposent en paix

En profonde reconnaissance pour le dévouement de tous ceux et celles qui ont participé aux recherches et qui ont réconforté les familleset les amis éprouvés

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