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Council Calls for Women at the Cabinet Table

The Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women is calling for the best representation possible of women at the cabinet table in the wake of Tuesday's provincial election.

"We now have women holding three seats out of a total of 29 elected on the governing side," said council chair Patricia Doyle-Bedwell. "All three should be appointed to cabinet. Women's perspective must be heard and considered at this level of decision-making where all Nova Scotian women are affected."

Ms. Doyle-Bedwell pointed out that women constitute slightly more than half of the Nova Scotia population and should be represented accordingly.

"Ideally, women would hold 26 out of the 52 seats and make up half of cabinet," she said. "Issues of importance to women are important to all Nova Scotians."

Ms. Doyle-Bedwell said she was encouraged a record 44 women ran for office in this provincial election.



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