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Council Reaffirms Abortion Position

Patricia Doyle-Bedwell, chair of the Advisory Council on the Status of Women, reaffirmed today the council's position on abortions.

"Reproductive health care, including access to abortions, is fundamental to women's equality," said Ms. Doyle-Bedwell. "Women do not reach the decision to have an abortion lightly, and it is important that we continue to extend all necessary supports to women who need these services."

The advisory council was responding to a controversial display set up in front of the IWK Grace Health Centre today by an anti-abortion group.

"I would like to offer our sympathy and support to all the women and families that were so disturbed and upset by the display of enlarged fetuses by a touring anti-abortion group," said Ms. Doyle-Bedwell.



Patricia Doyle-Bedwell
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arc                        August 5, 1999              4:05 p.m.