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Participants Encouraged to Jump Right In

Starting today, 100 participants from around the world will take the plunge into a week-long entrepreneurship program called Jump Right In, taking place at the Westin Nova Scotian in Halifax.

Produced by the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development, this event is for people interested in promoting entrepreneurship and economic development in their communities.

Participants hail from eight Canadian provinces, two American states, Sweden, Finland and Northern Ireland. This group -- made up of employees of business centres, economic development agencies and university and community college educators -- will take part in a number of interactive activities, including lunch with entrepreneurs and the opportunity to run a business for a day.

"One of the goals of Jump Right In is to have participants network with others in order to promote business ideas and entrepreneurial activity in their communities," said Liz Crocker, project coordinator at the centre and leader of the event.

On Monday and Friday, presentations will be given by businesses and universities from across Canada on education, micro lending, and creating an entrepreneurial culture in Atlantic Canadian colleges. Also, a number of round-table discussions will take place on topics like the challenges associated with economic development in rural areas. As well, on Wednesday evening, participants will take part in a reception at Pier 21.

"We thought the tour of Pier 21 was a perfect fit with this event," said Ms. Crocker. "As history shows us, the people who came to Pier 21 were very entrepreneurial. They came to this new place and made use of characteristics like risk-taking, creativity and resourcefulness. This shows the importance of entrepreneurship in any situation."

Jump Right In is funded by the Dobson Foundation, a philanthropic organization based in Montreal that supports entrepreneurship activities across the country. Delegates pay no registration fee and receive resources worth $400.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development is a joint venture funded by Nova Scotia Department of Education and the Canada/Nova Scotia Cooperation Agreement on Economic Diversification. This agreement is managed by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Nova Scotia Economic Development.


arc                      August 23, 1999                1:35 p.m.