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International Students Discover Nova Scotia

The words "Welcome to Canada" will be heard this weekend by 76 new high school students who have chosen Nova Scotia as their place of study.

The students have come to participate in the province's International Student Program. This year the program has doubled its September 1998 enrolment, attracting students from Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

"Our international students are here to gain more than high school credits," said David White, the Department of Education's Special Projects Director. "They will be rewarded with a unique cultural experience, acquire new language skills, and I am certain they will make new friends in Nova Scotia."

Introduced in the 1998-1999 school year, the International Student Program is organized by a group of Nova Scotia school boards and the Department of Education. Schools welcomed 32 international students in September 1998 and a total of 59 students for the school year.

Chignecto-Central Regional School Board, Halifax Regional School Board, and Southwest Regional School Board will share the 76 students entering school in September. The Annapolis Valley Regional School Board and Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board will host their first students in January and February 2000.

"Having international students has had a lot of positive spinoffs," said Trudy Johnson, principal of Park View Education Centre in Bridgewater. "Our students are gaining a global perspective on history and current affairs. It's been a learning experience for us all."

International students pay a tuition fee of $7,000 and an additional fee for their room and board. The students live with local families during their stay in Nova Scotia, and most significantly, Nova Scotia students gain culturally.

The International Student Program aims to increase its enrolment next year and is focussing on attracting students from the Middle East and Japan.

The program requires that a visiting student have a good academic standing and a working knowledge of English.

NOTE: The following individuals work with the International Student Program and may be contacted for interviews:

Gerald Pitman, Coordinator, Research, Development & Community Learning Southwest Regional School Board 902-749-5679

Paul Millman, Director, International Student Program Chignecto-Central Regional School Board 902-897-8931

Blaine MacKenzie, Manager, International Student Program Halifax Regional School Board 902-464-2027

Nineteen students from Mexico will be arriving at the Halifax International Airport at the following time:

Sunday, August 29, 11:40 a.m.

Details of the Orientation Weekend, August 27-29, may be obtained by calling Marc Langlois, 902-543-8531 and Angela Dwyer-James 902-895-3025


The words "Welcome to Canada!" will be heard this weekend by 76 international high school students who are coming to Nova Scotia to study.

The students from South America, Europe, and Asia are here to participate in Nova Scotia's International Student Program.

The number of students enrolled in the program has doubled to 76 since September 1998.

The Department of Education's Special Projects Director, David White, says international students acquire a unique cultural experience and make new friends in Nova Scotia.

The International Student Program is organized by a group of Nova Scotia school boards and the Department of Education.



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