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Francophone Representatives to Visit Nova Scotia

Following the "Sommet de la francophonie" taking place in Moncton in early September, the community of Nova Scotia's French-language educational stakeholders will organize a tour of their institutions for francophone education officials.

From Sept. 6 to Sept. 9, representatives will participate in a guided tour of Petit de Grat, Halifax and Baie Sainte-Marie. In addition, thanks to the Collège de l'Acadie's state-of-the-art distance education technology, the Argyle and Chéticamp areas will also be involved in this millennium tour of Nova Scotia's educational institutions.

This provincial tour was organized by the Department of Education, as well as Université Sainte-Anne, the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial and the Collège de l'Acadie.

"We're looking forward to showing our visitors why Nova Scotia is known around the world as Canada's education province," said Education Minister Jane Purves. "Nova Scotia's French education system is built on solid primary, secondary, post-secondary and adult learning foundations. This fundamental strength is key to our students' success."

In addition to visiting various sites throughout the province, the participants will attend meetings organized with target community groups.

Here is the itinerary for the Millennium Study Tour:

  • Sept. 6: -- Arrival of visitors
  • Sept. 7: -- Visit of the Petit de Grat region
  • Sept. 8: -- Visit of the Halifax region
  • Sept. 9: -- Visit of the Baie Sainte-Marie region



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