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Minister Approves Recommended Site for Canning School

Education Minister Jane Purves has approved the site in Canning recommended by the Annapolis Valley regional school board for the new Kentville/Canning Middle/High School.

Ms. Purves said today she made her decision to approve the board's choice after meeting with community members and the school board.

"One of my first duties after being sworn in as education minister was to meet with the community groups concerned about this school," said Ms. Purves. "The Education Act gives elected school boards the responsibility for recommending a site that is in the best interests of all students, and this board has done that."

The board considered many facts in making its recommendation. For example, studies showed the majority of students who will attend the new school are from small communities and rural areas. Less than 30 per cent will be from Kentville.

Some parents told the education minister their children should be given the choice of attending the new school or one of several existing schools in the area. Ms. Purves noted that while school boundaries are set by school boards, she encourages all boards to be flexible and give students as much choice as possible where student interest exists and school enrolments allow.

Kentville/Canning Middle/High School will replace district high schools in Kentville and Cornwallis and Grade 6 from Glooscap Elementary in Canning. About 1,100 students in grades 6-12 will attend a school equipped with 36 classrooms and support areas.

The school will be built by Nova Learning Inc., the partner chosen to build five new schools for the Annapolis Valley regional school board and the Southwest regional school board. The new school is scheduled to be ready by September 2001.


A combined middle school and high school will be built in the Canning, Nova Scotia area.

Education Minister Jane Purves (PUR'-VES) today approved the site, which was the choice of the Annapolis Valley regional school board.

Purves met with community members and the school board before making her decision.

The majority of students for the new school will come from small and rural communities.

About 30 per cent will be from Kentville.

Nova Learning Incorporated will build the new school.

It's scheduled to open in September next year for about eleven-hundred students in grades 6 to 12.



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