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Advisory Council Supports March

Chairwoman Patricia Doyle-Bedwell extended the support of the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women to the organizers of this year's Take Back the Night March.

"Violence against women remains an ugly reality in our community," said Ms. Doyle-Bedwell. "One of the results of that violence is that women are fearful: 60 per cent of Canadian women are afraid to walk alone at night, 76 per cent fear using public transport, 83 per cent are afraid in parking garages, and 39 per cent are afraid when they are at home alone."

The purpose of the Take Back the Night March is to protest against the conditions that create these high levels of fear. The march takes place in Halifax this evening, beginning at 7:45 p.m. at Grand Parade.

"Despite progress in some areas, violence, and fear of violence, remains a problem in the lives of women," said Ms. Doyle-Bedwell. "We need to recommit ourselves to finding solutions, and speak out for them."



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