Government Reaffirms Commitment to Health Goals

Department of Health (To Jan. 11)

November 3, 1999 2:00 PM

The province renewed its commitment to Nova Scotia's health goals
at a ceremony today attended by Premier John Hamm, Health
Minister Jamie Muir, Barbara Hart, chair of the Provincial Health
Council, and other council members.

"This government is firmly committed to achieving the health
goals established by the Provincial Health Council," said Premier
Hamm. "Today's ceremony marks a renewed emphasis on these
important goals and our support for the ongoing work of the

The council developed Nova Scotia's health goals through broad
public consultation. The goals were endorsed by the government in
1992, but lapsed when the council became dormant.

Mr. Muir acknowledges that Nova Scotia's health goals recognize
the fact that health is affected by many factors beyond the scope
of a traditional health care system.

"These goals highlight the need to address the wide range of
social, legal and economic issues which can affect the health of
Nova Scotians," said Mr. Muir.

Mrs. Hart said the Provincial Health Council is encouraged by the
decision. "We are certainly pleased that the government has seen
fit to reaffirm the health goals, and it is on the health goals
that we have planned our strategy for the future."

Nova Scotia's health goals focus on these areas:

-- promoting and improving the health of all Nova Scotians
-- making Nova Scotia a safe and healthy place to live
-- supporting the efforts of individuals, families and        
communities to lead healthy lives
-- ensuring that the resources needed to support health care are
managed wisely and fairly
-- involving Nova Scotians in decisions affecting health
-- ensuring that all Nova Scotians have the opportunity to     
achieve health


Contact: Krista Burrill
         Department of Health

kjd                      November 3, 1999