Sewage Discussion Paper Released

Environment and Labour (to April 1/08)

March 30, 2001 10:17 AM

Environment and Labour Minister David Morse today released the
government’s sewage-management discussion paper, titled We All
Have a Part to Play.

The 14-page booklet is an easy-to-read overview of Nova Scotia’s
situation and an invitation to help improve it. The paper’s
release fulfils a promise made in the throne speech.

"The time has come to seriously tackle this problem and this
discussion paper will help to do that," Mr. Morse said in a
ministerial statement in the legislature.

The public-consultation process began today with the distribution
of the discussion paper by mail and electronically on the
Department’s Web site.

The process will allow for the receipt of comments from the
public throughout through the normal channels (mail, electronic,
toll-free number) and will include a public-consultation sessions
at convenient times in all 18 counties. The four Nova Scotia
Atlantic Canada Coastal Action Program (ACAD) sites will help to
co-ordinate sessions in their communities.

Distribution of the discussion paper will begin the week of April
2. Public-consultation sessions will commence the week of May 2
and will continue through the end of June.

Comments will then be reviewed and the strategy will be developed
based on the input from Nova Scotians. It is expected that the
strategy document will by completed by the end of March 2002.


     Environment and Labour Minister David Morse today released a

discussion paper that will lead to a strategy for sewage

management in Nova Scotia.

     The 14-page booklet, titled “We All Have a Part to Play,” is

an easy-to-read overview of Nova Scotia’s situation and an

invitation to Nova Scotians to help improve it. Mr. Morse

released it in the legislature today, fulfilling a promise in the

throne speech.

     It will be used as a basis for public consultations with

Nova Scotians on developing the new sewage strategy. People can

comment through by mail, electronically or through a toll-free

number. Public-consultation sessions will be held in all 18

counties during May and June.

     The government will then review the comments and expects to

complete the sewage strategy by the end of March next year.

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         Environment and Labour

kjd         March 30, 2001      10:15 A.M.