Town of Digby to have Sewer Lines Upgraded

Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations (to March 31, 2014)

August 13, 2001 10:36 AM

Digby residents on both Prince William Street and Thomas Road,
will soon see enhancements to their sewer services thanks to a
project funded through the Canada/Nova Scotia Infrastructure

Joint federal and provincial funding, in the amount of $161,062,
was announced today by Gordon Balser, MLA for Digby, on behalf of
Angus MacIsaac, Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal
Relations, and Robert Thibault, Minister of State for the
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. The total cost of the
projects will be $241,594.

"The program's first priority is to provide environmentally
responsible municipal infrastructure, especially for sewer and
water projects," said Mr. Balser. "By working with our colleagues
at the federal and local levels, we can upgrade these systems in
our communities and ensure a safer environment for Nova
This is one of a series of projects nominated by municipalities
under the program, totalling $24.2 million to date. Additional
announcements are expected as projects undergo environmental
assessments and final approvals. The majority of the federal and
provincial funding announced in year one will be directed to
green projects like the sanitary sewer installation in Digby.

"The Government of Canada is making infrastructure a top priority
in our communities," said Mr. Thibault. "Through the Canada/Nova
Scotia Infrastructure Program, we are investing in 'green'
projects that will improve our quality of life and provide for a
cleaner environment."

The projects will replace sewer lines on Prince William Street,
that are some of Digby's oldest. It will also install a sanitary
sewer service on Thomas Road., the only part of town not
currently serviced. These upgrades will help the Town of Digby
achieve its goal of bringing sewer services to all areas of the
town. The federal and provincial funding under the program is
subject to the formal acceptance of the Town of Digby, which will
fund the balance of the project.

"We are delighted to see Digby's sewer infrastructure upgraded
and extended to include the entire town," said Frank Mackintosh,
Mayor of the Town of Digby. "This co-operative project will
provide great health and environmental benefits to Digby's
current and future populations."

The $195 million, six-year Canada/Nova Scotia Infrastructure
Program is administered by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities
Agency and Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations. The Union
of Nova Scotia Municipalities is represented on the program's
management committee.


     Some Digby residents will soon see enhancements to their
sewer services.
     More than 241-thousand dollars will go toward replacing
sewer lines on Prince William Street and installing sanitary
sewer service on Thomas Road.
     Funding for the projects will come from the Canada/Nova
Scotia Infrastructure Program and the Town of Digby.
Contact: Deborah Bayer
         Canada/Nova Scotia Infrastructure Secretariat

         Jennifer Savoy
         Office of the Honourable Robert G. Thibault

         Linda Fraser                             
         Clerk Treasurer, Town of Digby

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