West Mabou Beach Provincial Park

Department of Natural Resources

August 24, 2001 2:10 PM

A new provincial park has been designated at West Mabou Beach,
located in Inverness County.

Ernest Fage, Minister of Natural Resources, made the announcement

"This property contains one of Nova Scotia's finest coastal beach
and dune systems in a spectacular scenic setting and is a prime
example of the type of Crown land that needs to be protected for
future generations," said Mr. Fage. "We recognize the need to
protect this area in order to preserve its ecological integrity
and values."

Located on the western shore of Cape Breton, the 276-hectare site
contains many rare and unique topographical features within the
coastal and highland scenery. The combination of these
characteristics makes West Mabou a significant resource for
public recreation.

"We cannot overstate the importance of nature to tourism and to
our quality of life," said Rodney MacDonald, Minister of Tourism
and Culture. "The vast majority of visitors come to Nova Scotia
because of our natural environment, and access to the coastline
is a critical part of the Nova Scotia experience."

The addition of this new park complements the provincial park
system spanning Nova Scotia. As dedicated provincial parkland,
West Mabou will become significant because of its unique beauty.
This will enhance the area's appeal as a tourism destination and
as an area for possible development.

Long-term arrangements for developing and maintaining the park
will be co-ordinated by the Department of Natural Resources in
consultation with the beach committee of the Mabou Area
Development Association.


     The designation of a new provincial park was announced today

at West Mabou Beach in Cape Breton.

     Located in Inverness County, the 276-hectare site contains

many rare and unique topographical features combining both

coastal and highland scenery.

     It will become a significant provincial park because of its

unique beauty and will enhance western Cape Breton's appeal as a

tourism destination and as a site for future development.


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