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Senior Drivers Get Discount on Safe Driving Course

SERVICE N.S/MUNICIPAL RELATIONS--Senior Drivers Get Discount on Safe Driving Courses

Motorists aged 65 and up will get a $40 discount on safe driving courses under a new program announced today.

"Our government made a commitment to reward seniors who completed a safe driving program and we're honouring that commitment," said Angus MacIsaac, Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations.

"I welcome this program as a major step forward in helping seniors to stay safe behind the wheel," said Rex Guy, chair of the Nova Scotia Seniors Safe Driving Committee. "I believe Nova Scotia is on the cutting edge on this issue."

Under the program, any driver aged 65 or older can register for a safe driving course offered through an approved organization. The driver will pay only the portion of the fee that exceeds $40. Upon completion of the program, the organization may apply for a grant of $40 from the government.

The government will subsidize the course fee once for each driver.

The Canadian Safety Council says that while seniors tend to drive less, and usually during the daytime only, they have more accidents and more serious injuries for each kilometre driven.

Mr. MacIsaac noted that the course is voluntary and that seniors do not have to take it to keep their driver's licence.

"This is part of an ongoing program to make Nova Scotia's drivers and motor vehicles safer," said Mr. MacIsaac. "In August, we unveiled tougher licence reinstatement rules for drivers who drink. During the summer, the government passed a law enabling graduated speeding penalties and we adopted national and international commercial vehicle safety standards."

Organizations offering courses that qualify for the program include the Nova Scotia Safety Council, which operates across the province, Pictou Driving School and Fundy Driving School. More organizations will be approved in the coming weeks, said the minister.

As new organizations are approved, an up-to-date list will be available on the Service Nova Scotia Web site at, at Access Nova Scotia and Registry of Motor Vehicles offices, the Senior Citizens' Secretariat, and by calling the government's public enquiries line at 424-5851 in the Metro area and, toll-free, 1-800-898-7668.


Motorists aged sixty-five and up can now register for a safe driving course at a reduced rate.

The course will make seniors aware of how aging can affect their driving skills and how to compensate for these changes.

Service Nova Scotia Minister Angus MacIsaac today announced that senior drivers will receive a forty-dollar discount on courses offered across the province.

The training organization will reduce how much it charges the driver and will receive a forty-dollar rebate direct from the government.

A list of approved training organizations is available through the Service Nova Scotia Web site, at Access Nova Scotia centres and Registry of Motor Vehicles offices, or by calling the department's public enquiries line.



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