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Provincial Park Season Changes Announced

Changes to provincial park seasons will take effect in May, Natural Resources Minister Ernest Fage announced today.

"To accommodate early-spring and late-fall park users, we have made season changes at 12 provincial camping parks," said Mr. Fage. "An aging population and improved camping equipment mean that people are interested in camping earlier in the spring and later into fall. Campers' interest has extended the season."

Camping park fees will not change this year, the minister said.

The Department of Natural Resources recognizes that there is an increase in the number of visitors who travel outside the peak season looking for camping and touring opportunities in provincial parks. The department has taken the needs of these clients into account and made changes to park seasons to accommodate them. Some changes also take into account the dates of different events occurring around the province.

Parks affected by changes to their operating seasons include:

  • Guysborough County: Salsman Park (June 21-Sept. 2)
  • Halifax County: Dollar Lake Park (May 17-Sept. 2) Porters Lake Park (May 17-Oct. 14)
  • Cape Breton Regional Municipality: Mira River Park (June 21- Sept. 2)
  • Cumberland County: Amherst Shore Park (June 21-Oct. 14)
  • Annapolis County: Valleyview Park (June 21-Oct. 14)
  • Inverness County: Whycocomagh Park (June 21-Oct. 14)
  • Colchester County: Five Islands Park (May 17-Sept. 2)
  • Kings County: Blomidon Park (May 17-Sept. 2)
  • Pictou County: Caribou and Munroe's Island Park (June 21-Oct. 14) Saltsprings Park (June 21-Sept. 2)
  • Yarmouth County: Ellenwood Lake Park (May 17-Sept. 2)

The department operates 22 camping parks throughout Nova Scotia. They provide outdoor recreational opportunities, while helping to promote our natural and cultural heritage.

The peak camping period is from late June until early September. The majority of day-use parks open from the Victoria Day weekend in May until Thanksgiving in October.

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Twelve provincial camping parks will see season changes this May. Natural Resources Minister Ernest Fage announced the change today.

The new season dates take into account changes in demographics and improvements to camping equipment. The new dates accommodate visitors who use provincial parks in early spring and late fall.

Camping park fees will remain unchanged. Senior citizens still receive a discount.

The department operates 22 camping parks throughout Nova Scotia.

Most day-use parks open Victoria Day weekend in May and close Thanksgiving weekend in October.



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NOTE: The following is a schedule of the 2002 Fees and Season Dates for all of Nova Scotia's provincial parks.

Camping Parks: Seasons

County Park Date Fee

Guysborough Salsman June 21-Sept. 2 $18 Boylston June 21-Sept. 2 $14 Halifax Dollar Lake May 17-Sept. 2 $18 Laurie June 21-Sept. 2 $14 Porters Lake May 17-Oct. 14 $18 Lunenburg Graves Island May 17-Oct. 14 $18 Rissers Beach May 17-Oct. 14 $18 Queens Thomas Raddall May 17-Oct. 14 $18 Cape Breton Mira River June 21-Sept. 2 $18 Pictou Saltsprings June 21-Sept. 2 $14 Caribou and Munroe's Island June 21-Oct. 14 $18 Shelburne The Islands May 17-Sept. 2 $18 Richmond Battery June 21-Sept. 2 $14 Cumberland Amherst Shore June 21-Oct. 14 $18 Cape Chignecto May 17-Oct. 14 $18 Wentworth May 17-Oct. 14 $14 Hants Smileys June 21-Sept. 2 $18 Annapolis Valleyview June 21-Oct. 14 $14 Inverness Whycocomagh June 21-Oct. 14 $18 Colchester Five Islands May 17-Sept. 2 $18 Kings Blomidon May 17-Sept. 2 $18 Yarmouth Ellenwood Lake May 17-Sept. 2 $18

Camping Parks: Fees

Basic $14 Semi-serviced (flush toilets and showers) $18 Seniors' Discount $2/night

Day-use Parks: Seasons

Day-use areas in camping parks open and close on the same date as the campground except:

Saltsprings May 17-Oct. 14 Boylston June 21-Oct. 14

All other day-use parks are open May 17-Oct. 14.

Day-use Parks: Fees

Cape Chignecto entrance fee $3/person yearly pass $15/person

All other day-use parks have free admission.

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