Nova Scotia's Solid Waste Success Continues to Attract Worldwide Attention

Environment and Labour (to April 1/08)

June 17, 2002 2:35 PM

Nova Scotia's reputation as a world leader in solid-waste
resource management has attracted another foreign delegation to
tour the province.

Hosted by Saint Mary's University, a group of 18 mayors and
municipal councillors from China and Vietnam have started a two-
week tour around the province that includes a visit to a solid-
waste resource management project in Lunenburg.

Environment and Labour Minister David Morse said the province's
remarkable success in solid-waste reduction has put Nova Scotia
on the environmental map.

"We're flattered that this delegation has chosen to come here and
study our systems. They join a long list of countries, such as
Russia, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, Germany and Denmark, that
have found our experiences and facilities to be educational,"
said the minister.

The delegation will attend a reception this evening at the
university and will visit Lunenburg on June 18 for a walking tour
and an overview of the town's solid-waste initiative.


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