Response to Canada's Oceans Strategy

Agriculture and Fisheries (to Feb.23, 2006)

July 12, 2002 3:00 PM

Nova Scotia supports the objectives of the federal oceans
strategy released today, July 12, said Ernest Fage, Minister of
Agriculture and Fisheries. He said the province is eager to work
with the federal fisheries department in implementing Canada's
Oceans Strategy: A Guide for the Protection and Sustainable Use
of Canada's Marine Environment.

Canada has 243,000 kilometres of coastline, the longest in the
world, with Nova Scotia's coastline measuring over 7,500
kilometres. Nearly 25 per cent of all jobs in Nova Scotia can be
traced back to economic activities involving the ocean, and the
proportion is much higher in coastal communities throughout the
province. About 17.5 per cent of the province's gross domestic
product is attributed to coastal and oceans industries.

"Nova Scotia has a significant interest in the sustainable
development and use of ocean and coastal resources," said Mr.
Fage. "That is why we are looking forward to having a very active
role in implementing the oceans strategy."

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries recognizes the value
of the federal Oceans Act (1997) and supports the new policy
framework set out by the federal strategy. Canada's Oceans
Strategy provides the framework through which all those
interested in and affected by the ocean can work together to
ensure that our oceans are used in a sustainable way.

"Guided by the principles of sustainable development, integrated
management and the precautionary approach, the oceans strategy
validates the work we have been doing for years," said Mr. Fage.

The department has been directly involved in many initiatives
that work toward the goals of the strategy, including: the Gulf
of Maine Council, Eastern Scotian Shelf Integrated Management
Initiative, National Programme of Action for the Protection of
the Marine Environment from Land-Based Activities and Minas Basin
Project. The department has also recently initiated a Provincial
Oceans Network, bringing together various provincial departments
involved in ocean and coastal management to facilitate provincial
involvement in the implementation of the oceans strategy.

The government of Nova Scotia applauds Robert Thibault, Minister
of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, for taking a lead role in
international oceans governance and for setting the stage for
consultation with provincial and territorial governments, First
Nations, ocean users and all Canadians.

"Nova Scotians rely on sustainable fisheries, coastal industries,
and opportunities in the offshore, while maintaining a beautiful
coastline for residents and tourists," said Mr. Fage.
"Implementing the oceans strategy will ensure that Nova Scotia
continues to have economic strength in its coastal communities
for generations to come."

More information about Canada's Oceans Strategy is available on
the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans Web site at


     Nova Scotia is eager to work with the federal fisheries

department to implement Canada's Oceans Strategy, says Fisheries

Minister Ernest Fage. The strategy was released today

(July 12th).

     The strategy sets direction for using Canada's ocean

resources in a sustainable way. The province will work with

others to develop action plans.

     With 75-hundred kilometers of coastline, Nova Scotians rely

on a sustainable fishery, coastal industries, offshore

opportunities and tourism.

     Mr. Fage says that implementing the principles of the oceans

strategy will ensure that Nova Scotia has economic strength in

its coastal communities for generations to come.


Contact: Michelle Butler
         Agriculture and Fisheries

njm         July 12, 2002      2:55 P.M.