The Community ACCESS-ability Program on the South Shore

Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations (to March 31, 2014)

October 9, 2002 11:00 AM

The following is a feature story from Service Nova Scotia and
Municipal Relations on grants provided through the Community
ACCESS-ability program to community groups on the South Shore.

Seniors and people with disabilities on the South Shore are
participating in more community activities because of funding
from Nova Scotia's Community ACCESS-ability program.

The Sable River Fire Hall in Sable River, Shelburne Co., received
a grant to install a wheelchair-accessible ramp and doorway.

"A lot of people wanted to come out to the events, but couldn't
because of the lack of accessibility," said Roger Ross, treasurer
of the Sable River Volunteer Fire Department. "There are quite a
few people coming to the hall who couldn't get in before."

The fire hall, which is used for Sunday school, community
meetings and social functions like cribbage and bingo, can be
used for a wider variety of activities now that the renovations
are done.

"The hall couldn't be used for things like voting because some
people couldn't climb the stairs," said Mr. Ross. "We've had a
lot of good comments so far about the renovations. Many elderly
people in the community really appreciate what we're doing."

Community ACCESS-ability was implemented to improve access to
community facilities for seniors and people with disabilities.
The program provides financial assistance to non-profit groups
and municipalities for renovations, installations or equipment to
ensure that buildings are accessible to all Nova Scotians.

The Barss Corner Recreation Hall in Lunenburg County received
funding to replace a 20-year-old wooden ramp.

"There weren't any regulations in place when the original ramp
was built," said Arthur Langille of the Barss Corner Recreation
Society. "There are people in the community who need to use the
ramp. The new one will make it much easier to get into the

Over the years, the facility has been a great meeting place for
people in the community. A variety of activities take place at
the hall, including fitness programs, basketball, birthday
parties, family get-togethers and programs for youth and seniors.

Under the ACCESS-ability program, the provincial government gives
grants of up to two-thirds of the cost of renovations,
installations and equipment. Local organizations are responsible
for raising the remainder of the cost.

The Community ACCESS-ability program has been operating since May
2000. This is the third year of the four-year $1.2-million
program, and all funding for this fiscal year has been committed.
To date, the program has supported 139 projects, worth about
$900,000, of which a third was distributed in 2002. The maximum
grant available for individual projects is $10,000.

"We want to help seniors and people with disabilities enjoy equal
access to places that are the heart and soul of their
communities," said Angus MacIsaac, Minister of Service Nova
Scotia and Municipal Relations. "These are places where local
people plan, participate and celebrate as a community."

Information and applications are available from Access Nova
Scotia centres, the Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations
Web site at or by calling toll-free 1-800-


Contact: Karen Ramsland
         Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations

         David MacNeil
         Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations

NOTE: The following is a list of projects approved
under the Community ACCESS-ability program for the South Shore
area since the program began in 2000.

Lunenburg County
-- Barss Corner Recreation Hall, Barss Corner: $799
-- Lordly Museum and Old Municipal Office, Chester: $10,000
-- New Germany Medical Centre, New Germany: $3,445
-- Oakhill and District Community Fire Hall, Bridgewater: $1,635
-- Riverport District Fire Protection Commission, Riverport: $7,651
-- Simpson's Corner Community Hall, New Germany: $2,466
-- St. Barnabas Church/Hall, Lunenburg: $1,897
-- Trinity United Church/Hall, Lunenburg: $10,000
-- Western Shore and Area Community Hall, Western Shore: $5,322
-- Western Shore and District Fire Hall, Western Shore: $10,000

Region of Queens Municipality
-- Municipal Administration Building, Liverpool: $8,542
-- Rossignol Cultural Centre, Liverpool: $7,700
-- Trinity Anglican Church Hall, Liverpool: $9,795

Shelburne County
-- Barrington Municipal Arena, Barrington: $1,312
-- Grace Baptist Church Hall, Shelburne: $6,660
-- Holy Cross Anglican Church Hall, Lockeport: $2,860
-- Lillian Benham Library, Lockeport: $999
-- McKay Memorial Library, Shelburne: $3,544
-- Sable River Fire Hall, Sable River: $7,792

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