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Harbour Cleanup Funding

SERVICE N.S./MUNICIPAL RELATIONS--Harbour Cleanup Funding Approved

The Nova Scotia government has formally approved its financial contribution to the cleanup of Halifax Harbour.

Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations Minister Peter Christie confirmed today, March 10, the province's $32-million contribution to the Halifax Harbour Solutions Project.

"The government is following through on the commitment Premier Hamm first announced in September," Mr. Christie said. "The province will contribute $30 million over 15 years, and will provide two pieces of property in Dartmouth valued at $2 million."

The land to be transferred to Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) includes an access road to the sewage treatment facility from Pleasant Street in Dartmouth.

"Helping municipalities build cleaner, safer communities has long been a priority for this government," the minister said. "Over the past two years the Nova Scotia government has invested $46 million to provide cleaner, safer water and better sewage disposal in every county in Nova Scotia."

Mr. Christie said HRM will receive the first payment in 2004.


The Nova Scotia government today (March 10th) confirmed its financial contribution to cleaning up Halifax Harbour.

The province will provide 30-million dollars, plus two- million dollars worth of land in Dartmouth to the Halifax Harbour cleanup effort.



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