Cheticamp Main Street Funding Announced

Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations (to March 31, 2014)

May 8, 2003 12:19 PM

The Nova Scotia government is helping the people of Cheticamp
revitalize the main street through their community.

Peter Christie, Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal
Relations, said the province will contribute $200,000 towards the
Cheticamp Main Street Enhancement Project. The project includes
replacing and extending sidewalks, new lighting, paving and rest
areas as Cheticamp prepares for the 2004 World Acadian Congress.

"Tourism is a huge industry in Cheticamp and the community is to
be commended for taking on this ambitious project," Mr. Christie
said. "These improvements will help make a visit to Cheticamp an
even more pleasant experience."

La Societe Saint-Pierre, the community group spearheading the
project, estimates that tourism brings more than $12 million a
year in direct revenues to Cheticamp and supports more than 300
direct and indirect jobs in the area.

"Cheticamp is fast becoming a major tourism destination in Nova
Scotia," said Lisette Cormier, executive director of La Societe
Saint Pierre. "This project will help the community further
develop this growing industry and create more jobs for Nova

The province's contribution is split between Service Nova Scotia
and Municipal Relations ($135,000) and Transportation and Public
Works ($65,000).


Contact: David MacNeil
         Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations

kjd         May 8, 2003         12:18 P.M.