River Hebert Sewage Treatment Upgrade

Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations (to March 31, 2014)

May 8, 2003 12:28 PM

The Municipality of Cumberland is getting financial help to
improve sewage treatment for residents of River Hebert.

Peter Christie, Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal
Relations, said the province will provide 25 per cent of the cost
to upgrade two existing sewage treatment plants in the community,
to a maximum of $212,500. The minister said upgrading the plants
will result in cleaner wastewater being discharged into the River

"Projects like this result in a cleaner environment and healthier
communities in Nova Scotia," Mr. Christie said. "We're pleased to
assist the municipality with this important project."

Cumberland warden Keith Hunter said the River Hebert sewage
treatment system serves about 270 residents of the community.

"This project will really improve the environment of our
community," Mr. Hunter said. "We greatly appreciate the
province's help in upgrading this system."

The provincial contribution will be paid over two years.


Contact: David MacNeil
         Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations
         E-mail: macneidf@gov.ns.ca

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