HRDA Enterprises Wins New Contract

Economic Development (to Jan 09)

June 9, 2003 4:25 PM

A local non-profit company has secured a new, larger contract to
serve the recycling needs of metro area residents with help from
the provincial government.

HRDA Enterprises has been awarded a five-year contract for
collection of recyclables in Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).
With $370,000 in loan guarantees from Nova Scotia Economic
Development, HRDA Enterprises will sustain jobs for 27 staff.

A performance bond of $250,000, at no cost to the province, was
provided five years ago to allow HRDA Enterprises to fulfil a
contract for the collection of recyclables in HRM. Based on past
performance, an additional and expanded contract has been awarded
to HRDA Enterprises. The company now requires additional
guarantees in the form of performance bonds to meet the terms of
the new contract.

"This company has a proven track record," said Economic
Development Minister Cecil Clarke. "We're pleased to play a small
part in the success of HRDA and look forward to continued growth
for the company."

"HRDA Enterprises has been a strong player in social, economic
and employment initiatives within Halifax Regional Municipality
for over 25 years," said chief executive officer Carson Fancy.
"We are pleased to have the support of Nova Scotia Economic
Development in carrying out our mandate of assisting individuals
with barriers to employment."

Founded in 1978, HRDA is a subsidiary of the Human Resources
Development Association of Halifax and is a not-for-profit
association providing employment for disadvantaged persons.
The company operates Stone Hearth Bakery, Cunard Centre (which
provides academic upgrading) and an Options Work Activity


     A new contract will keep 27 people on the job. With $370,000

in loan guarantees from Nova Scotia Economic Development,

HRDA Enterprises will serve the recycling needs of residents of


Economic Development Minister Cecil Clarke says the company's

proven track record will lead to future growth.     

Chief executive officer Carson Fancy says the company's

mandate of assisting individuals with barriers to employment has

been part of their mandate for over 25 years.


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