Official Opening of North Nova Education Centre

Department of Education (to March 26, 2013)

November 24, 2003 9:26 PM

Bigger means better for students at the North Nova Education
Centre in New Glasgow.

More than 900 students in Grades 10 to 12 attend the $21-million
high school which was officially opened today, Nov. 24, by
Premier John Hamm and Education Minister Jamie Muir.

"This is a wonderful school," said Premier John Hamm. "It offers
our students a much greater choice in course selection, and
provides excellent opportunities for them to learn and shape
their future careers."

Prior to the opening of North Nova, students in the area attended
one of three schools, Trenton Middle/High School, East Pictou
Rural High School or New Glasgow High School.

Students could select from up to 60 courses at their former

At North Nova they can choose from more than 120 courses. Among
the newer courses and programs available are an enhanced fine
arts program which includes film and video production techniques.

Also new to many students are enhanced core French and French
immersion, and advanced courses in English, math, physics,
biology and chemistry.

The school also boasts an Occupational Preparedness Program in
which students can study automotive care, food services, forestry
and retail merchandising.

"We're now able to meet the needs of more students at a critical
time in their lives," said North Nova principal Eileen English.
"The expanded course offerings, increased student population and
modern facilities offer some fantastic opportunities, both
curricular and extra-curricular, for the students of North Nova."

A partnership of local community groups and individuals raised
about $1 million dollars for enhancements, including a larger
gymnasium and the construction of a 350-seat theatre/auditorium
at both North Nova and the Northumberland Regional High School in

Construction was completed in September 2003.


     Bigger means better for more than 900 students at the new

North Nova Education Centre in New Glasgow.

     The 21-million-dollar school replaces three smaller

facilities, East Pictou Rural High School, New Glasgow High

School and Trenton Middle High School.

     At the smaller schools, students could only choose from

about 60 courses.

     But in the larger, more modern North Nova, students can pick

from more than 120 courses and programs.

     Among the new course offerings - advanced English, math,

chemistry and biology, and enhanced core French and French


     The school was officially opened today (November 24th) by

Premier John Hamm and Education Minister Jamie Muir.

     Premier Hamm says it's the kind of investment in education

that makes sense.

     The school also offers courses in automotive care, forestry

and food services.


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