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Investing in Nova Scotia's Culture

The Nova Scotia government is investing in live theatre, book publishing, music, film, TV, crafts and visual art as part of its ongoing support for the province's arts and culture industry.

Organizations throughout the province use this support for such activities as conferences, feasibility studies, business plans, tours and marketing out-of-province.

"This investment helps individuals and groups fund special projects that encourage growth in the arts and culture sector in Nova Scotia," said Rodney MacDonald, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Heritage. "Each year, our department invests more than $5 million in cultural programs."

The latest round of investments from the department's Industries Growth Program involves $256,465 for 38 organizations across Nova Scotia. Successful applicants for this program require an evaluation of the achievement of their projects.

For Lennart Krogoll and Associates in Halifax, $9,000 in funding supported export development for their client, blues artist Charlie A'Court, a rising star from Truro. "It meant exposure to thousands of people in Germany where Charlie opened for the well- known rock group Procol Harum during a series of concerts," said Lennart Krogoll. "It also means additional exposure through radio and TV shows in Germany and through the sale of Charlie's CDs."

Lou Gannon, president of the African Nova Scotia Music Association, said his group used $9,000 in funding to take 18 Nova Scotians in six different musical groups to the East Coast Music Awards (ECMAs) in St. John's, NL.

"Without this assistance we simply wouldn't have been able to participate in the Black Vibes Showcase which featured artists from throughout Atlantic Canada," said Mr. Gannon. "Now the hard work begins as we follow-up on some very encouraging conversations we've had with international buyers and agents who were in St. John's for the ECMAs."

A group of visual artists now have professional representation to export their work to art galleries outside of Nova Scotia. Christine Ross, an art consultant from Annapolis Royal, says she will use the $4,000 in funding to research potential new markets. "Most artists have to support themselves with other jobs, leaving them very little time to spend on finding galleries outside of the province willing to show their work," said Ms. Ross. "This will be a more direct and professional approach enabling us to target galleries in the northeastern United States."

The Industries Growth Program provides $450,000 a year to support projects that enhance out-of-province sales of Nova Scotia's cultural products. It also supports the improvement of technical and export capabilities and expands market opportunities and revenues.


The Nova Scotia government is investing more than 256- thousand dollars in live theatre, book publishing, music, film, TV, crafts and visual art.

The latest round of investments will support 38 organizations across Nova Scotia.

The minister of Tourism, Culture and Heritage, Rodney MacDonald, says the investments help ensure growth in Nova Scotia's arts and culture sector.

Organizations across the province use this support for such activities as marketing, conferences, feasibility studies, business plans, tours, exhibits and stage productions.

The government provides more than five-million dollars in cultural programming for Nova Scotia.



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NOTE: Following is a list of recipients for latest investments through the Industries Growth Program:

Southern Region:
Astor Theatre: $4,665 -- to represent the Astor and Savoy theatres at Canadian Arts Presenting Association (CAPACOA) and Contact Ontario

Christine Ross/Richard Mueller/Susan Wood: $4,000

  • for eight visual artists to find professional art gallery representation outside Nova Scotia

Mat Lady/Artifacts in Clay/Flax Blue: $8,500

  • for three Nova Scotia craft companies to exhibit at the One of A Kind Show, Toronto

Ross Creek Centre for the Arts: $8,500 -- to develop a strategic marketing plan

Two Planks and a Passion Theatre: $8,500 -- to showcase Josh Macdonald's "Whereverville" at Contact Ontario

Two Planks and a Passion Theatre: $6,800 -- to promote Josh MacDonald's "Whereverville" at Contact East and Canadian Arts Presenting Association (CAPACOA)

Northern Region:
Festival Antigonish: $3,000 -- to implement a marketing plan targeted at Prince Edward Island

St. Francis Xavier University Enterprise Development Centre: $5,000

  • to deliver the St.FX business of music course in Sydney

Halifax Regional Municipality Artcan Open Studios Society: $7,500 -- to develop a feasibility study and business plan

Bucket Truck Productions/Silenced Media/Santana Productions & Entertainment: $8,000 -- to tour Sweden for 10 days

Dave Gunning/Wee House of Music/Riverfront Studios: $4,000

  • to showcase Dave Gunning at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance, New York

ESP Productions/Creative Intelligence Group/Gillette Entertainment Group: $5,000 -- to bid event management services for the revitalization of the Hong Kong tourism industry

Gerrior Family Organization of Nova Scotia/Port Royal Publishing/Glen Margaret Publishing: $7,500

  • to market the five book series Acadian Awakenings, Routes and Roots and International Links

Gun Records Inc/JefterPublishing/TK Productions Ltd.: $8,000

  • to market the musical/theatrical production, "A Pittance of Time" in Ottawa

Halifax Art Map: $5,000 -- to publish the 2004 Halifax Art Map

Halifax Pop Explosion: $4,000 -- to expand the Halifax Pop Explosion

  • Lennart Krogoll & Associates/Charlie A'Court/Life-line Entertainment: $9,000
  • to tour Charlie A'Court with Procul Harum in Germany

Moving Images Group: $3,200 -- to produce two workshops designed to prepare film and television projects for market readiness

Pier 21 Society: $8,000 -- to showcase Nova Scotia musicians at the Pier 21 national fundraising gala

Sanctuary/Latitude 45/Pelleas Distribution: $8,000

  • to position Sanctuary, nationally and internationally, as a professional recording and touring ensemble

Cape Breton: Inverness County Centre for the Arts: $5,500

  • to develop a product/marketing plan, phase two

Phillip Dubinsky Management/Jennifer Roland/Paquin Entertainment: $7,500

  • to expand Jennifer Roland in the U.S. market with a spring tour of New England

Pottery Garden/Subsea Deco Art/Elaine Allen: $2,500

  • to exhibit 20 Nova Scotia crafts people at Canada Blooms 2004

St. Ann's Bay Players: $5,000 -- to perform "The Margaret" at the Whangerie Endless Summer Arts Festival, Waipu, New Zealand

Savoy Theatre: $7,500 -- to form a marketing co-operative of live entertainment venues from across Nova Scotia, phase two

Provincial: African Nova Scotian Music Association: $9,000

  • to assist the Black Vibes Showcase at the 2004 ECMA conference

Arts Atlantic Magazine: $3,000 -- to enhance Art Atlantic's presence outside the Atlantic Region

Atlantic Craft Trade Show: $5,500 -- to present several seminar programs to participating retail buyers and exhibitors of the 2004 ACTS show

Atlantic Film Festival: $10,000 -- to send a Nova Scotia delegation to the Canadian Forum on Cultural Enterprise, Paris, France

Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association: $5,500

  • to market Canadian books published by Canadian publishers with an Atlantic theme or a Canadian-based theme

Canadian Conference of the Arts: $6,500 -- to assist the Canadian Conference of the Arts National Policy Conference, Halifax

Conseil Culturel Acadien de la Nouvelle-Ecosse: $4,500

  • to send a delegation of Acadian artists and producers to LaFranco-fete, Dieppe-Moncton, N.B.

DaCosta 400: $3,000 -- to develop a feasibility study to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Black Canadian heritage and culture

Design In Business Nova Scotia: $8,800 -- to assist the Living Spaces Collaboration Pilot Project, phase two: Building Market Readiness

East Coast Music Association: $8,000 -- to showcase Nova Scotia East Coast nominated and winning artists at the 2003 Atlantic Film Festival

Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia: $7,800

  • to support the delegation of industry professionals attending the North American Folk Alliance Conference

Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia: $8,600

  • to assist the MIANS 2004 ECMA Professional Development Program

Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia: $8,600

  • to assist the MIANS ECMA 2004 Showcase Program

Societe National de L'Acadie: $5,000 -- to assist the participation of the Nova Scotia Acadian rap group, Jacobus et Maleco, and their agent in the third annual Nuits Acadiennes, Paris, France

Theatre Nova Scotia: $3,000 -- to redevelop the website as the primary marketing tool for theatre in Nova Scotia

Visual Arts Nova Scotia: $5,500 -- to reposition Visual Arts News, phase two

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